Just The Beginning...


So, this is my first official blog post! I am so excited to finally be writing this post. I absolutely love sharing my ideas with others. My blog is partially a personal outlet and an outlet for others to read about my favorite things: FASHION, skin care, make up, home décor, food, and more. Basically,  everything I find fascinating, cool, or helpful - I desperately want to share with all of you! 


A Perfectly Put Together Mess

One thing I will say is that on my blog I will always showcase my style the way it TRULY is. Sometimes I keep to the trends, and sometimes I keep it simple, or still wear trends that are "out" (says who?). Overall, I have a style that portrays not trying too hard but still looks great. On my blog you will find elegance, classics, trends, TONS OF VINTAGE, basics, and a mix of styles that I can’t particularly place into a specific category, YET. However, one theme that reoccurs within my style that I can truly identify with is the phrase out of a quote “a perfectly put together mess”. I find this quote to be the perfect way of describing my sense of style and who I am as a person. Nobody is perfect, and I like to consider this blog a place where I can showcase the realities of life, and still look PUT-TOGETHER. I believe my blog can relate to many audiences and I really hope you enjoy! 

XOXO Bianca Flaks