We all know life can be a crazy mess. In fact, “Where Is My Wallet?” is the most used phrase in my daily life and this was the gateway to how Wear Is My Wallet all started. I know I am not the only one who is being pulled in multiple directions and has a jam-packed schedule yet still wants to look good – the easiest way. I mastered the art of being the perfectly put together mess.



I was born in South Africa. I have lived in 6 different states across the USA. I also lived in Florence, Italy studying fashion. I love to travel & I love animals. I love documentaries & everything vintage.

CAN NOT LIVE WITHOUT: My mini oxy clean stain remover spray

MY BIGGEST PET PEEVE: When people leave the water running for a long time and they are not using it (clean water should never be taken for granted)!

WORDS THAT DESCRIBE ME: rebellious, willful, determined, spunky, friendly, and wild thang ;)





   My journey with art and fashion started as a young child. I believe certain people are born with artistic talents and I was born with the ability to draw, paint, and artfully piece together style in the quickest, and most effortless ways possible. I am a daddy’s girl and my father is my inspiration in life and my biggest influence into the fashion industry.

-Bianca Amy Flaks